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“I kept a box of FoodObox out of pure curiosity. The products found inside the package exceeded in price the amount I had paid for them. This made me think I had made a good deal.

But the most enjoyable part is the thrill – the thrill of what you'll find in the box once you open it."

Мирослав Джоканов

Мирослав Джоканов

„Не само инициативата зад Foodobox е страхотна, но и вдъхновените хора, които я превръщат в реалност! Останах очарована от обслужването и от качеството на получените продукти!

Пет звезди от мен!“

Доника Ставрева

Доника Ставрева

"The products were super. I varied the weekly menu and was satisfied. ”

Стилян Митрев

Стилян Митрев

Why People Choose Us

Clients’ Most Popular Choise

Why People Choose Us

Clients’ Most Popular Choise

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10 tricks to extend the life of food

Traditionally, every year in the last hours of the old year we take stock of what we have achieved. Often we review the old list of goals we set for ourselves on January 1 and, despite our best intentions, sigh with relief to find that we have to re-write goals like "eat healthy," "don't give my money away for crap," and "help others" on the list for the new...

The festive meal and what's left behind

It makes sense that at this time of the year a lot of people, spurred by the momentum of gift shopping, buy more food than they can eat.. Around 670,000 tonnes of food is wasted in Bulgaria every year, with the average amount of food thrown away around Christmas and New Year increasing by 20-30% compared to the rest of the time. Approximately the same was confirmed by...

Forbes BulgariaFood Savers

  Jane Dimitrova and Velin Kerkov, co-founders of FoodObox, on their mission to reduce food waste. Over 90 kg of food per person is thrown away in Bulgaria on average per year. FoodObox's mission is to recover as much of it as possible. That's why they have created an innovative mobile app. Through it, users can rescue delicious food that hasn't...

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