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Foodobox’ Second Birthday!

It's Foodobox' Second Birthday!

We can safely say that in these 2 years felt as 10 with all the things that happened. We are growing fast and confidently, and more and more partners are joining our cause – already over 500! Our users are now over 40,000, we started operating in Romania as well, and very soon more big things are coming 🙂
But most importantly, in these 2 years we have saved over 5,000 kg of delicious food from being thrown away.

What do these 5,000 kg of saved food mean?

This means that we have saved the planet over 12,500 kg of CO2 emissions.
These emissions are equivalent to the emissions from charging approximately 1.6 million phones.
And to deal with them, about 60,300 square meters of forests would be needed.

What’s more – by saving these 5,000 kg of food, we have also saved over 5 million liters of water.
This is nearly 5 times more than the water in the Seven Rila Lakes!

And this is just the beginning!
Exciting things are yet to come, and our cause is yet to grow. And, because we have a birthday, we’re giving you the promo code BIRTHDAY10 for an additional 10% discount for all Foodobox orders (valid until 22.06.2023).
Thank you for reading this, for supporting us, and for being a part of our cause!

And now it’s time to save delicious food!