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Spotlight: Deli Venue

Deli Venue is one of the best places in Sofia to try traditional Indian cuisine. The dishes there are a real pleasure for the senses and every time we look forward to seeing what is in their surprise box with lots of excitement.

We asked them some questions about their partnership with Foodobox.

Briefly describe your partnership with Foodobox.

Our partnership is positive and beneficial for both parties. We all benefit from it – our restaurant, you, the end users and also the environment. In short – it’s a win-win.

Why is fighting food waste important to you?

The initiative is great. It’s great that the food is saved and not thrown away. Also, it encourages sharing – if the surprise box is big, you will eat it together with a friend, with your family.

What can be found in the Deli Venue Surprise Box?

Well, it’s a surprise box – get one, open it, let yourself be surprised with something delicious.

In our campaign “Spotlight: Partners”" we tell more about the restaurants and shops we partner with that we believe are taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future.