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Spotlight: LATE

LATE Café & Roastery is one of the emblematic coffee destinations in Sofia. It is a place of style, but also with a mission – since the very foundation of LATE, one of the main goals of the brand has been eco-friendliness.

Cups made from coffee husks, biodegradable straws, craft merch, recycled paper – the magic is in the details, and every detail at LATE is polished to perfection and with the environment in mind.

We asked them some questions about their partnership with Foodobox.

Briefly describe your partnership with Foodobox.

The partnership with Foodobox is a natural fit for us. Our main principle is to serve freshly roasted coffee. The brand’s standards require that every coffee offered to customers has been roasted within the previous 20 working days. Coffee itself as a raw material has no expiration date and its qualities are preserved for an extremely long time (more than a year), so we are happy to offer your customers the opportunity to get a perfect product, with which they can start their journey to an extraordinary coffee experience at an affordable price for them.

Why is fighting food waste important to you?

In recent years, we have seen an increasing shortage of key raw materials worldwide. LATE has at its roots the well-known credo of minimalism “Less is more”. We convey this belief of ours by producing less than what is demanded daily. It is typical for our community to encounter signs with the inscription ”too late”. We believe that this is an appropriate approach in order to control food waste as well as guarantee the quality of the products offered.

What can be found in the LATE surprise box?

Expect a lot of new stuff from our brand that will always be LATE – our customers have deserved a lot of it for a long time and we know it will be worth the wait. For example, new locations, participation in a world championship, pop-up events and collaborations with different brands – these are just some of the things that lie ahead of us by the end of the year. We would love for you to be part of the revolution.

In our campaign “Spotlight: Partnerswe tell more about the restaurants and shops we partner with that we believe are taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future.